Chiffon Chic!

Fashion Fix for your fingertips.

Our Fashion Fix?

  1. 1To rock a music festival-ready look, go for boho chic. Pair a bright maxi dress in a fun pattern with an oversized purse and big shades.
  2. 2Hello, yellow. Make a statement right down to your tippy toes with bright strappy sandals.
  3. 3Cool tones are super hot. Find pieces boasting a few of these flirty shades at once and you'll look dreamier than a Monet.
  4. 4Look pretty in pastel sunglasses. One in every hue will do.
Chiffon Chic

Blippar: Maybelline ColorShow App.

Now try on every ColorShow shade, virtually!

How to Experience the App

  1. 1Download the free Blippar app from the app store for iPhone or Android. Fill the camera’s view with the ColorShow ad.
  2. 2Follow the steps to virtually try on all 40 shades.