Keep Up the Flame!

Fashion Fix for your fingertips.

Our Fashion Fix?

  1. 1Nothing quite says summer like red, white, and blue. Color block with two of three, cuz baby, you're a firework.
  2. 2Feeling a bit demure? Cool down a flirty scarlet skirt with a soft summer scarf or shirt in a muted gray.
  3. 3A fully loaded forearm is super-chic this season, so rock a few coveted accessories at the same time, like bright watches, classic bangles, and a few friendship bracelets.
  4. 4Planning a special night out? Why go black when you can paint the town in a little red dress.
Keep Up the Flame

Blippar: Maybelline ColorShow App.

Now try on every ColorShow shade, virtually!

How to Experience the App

  1. 1Download the free Blippar app from the app store for iPhone or Android. Fill the camera’s view with the ColorShow ad.
  2. 2Follow the steps to virtually try on all 40 shades.