Shocking Seas!

Runway Hot Shades. Show stopping shine.

Our Fashion Fix?

  1. 1We love studs, and we're not talking about the fellas. Some of the season's hottest shoes and accessories are bedazzled with hardware like metallic spikes. Watch out!
  2. 2A boxy blazer and collared short complete a boyfriend look. Chic accessories in fun colors add fun feminine touches.
  3. 3When color blocking, we love pretending two colors are shamelessly flirting with each other. Pair sky blue with vibrant purple and just see what happens.
  4. 4Let your feet do the talking by pairing high-waters with fierce heels.
Shocking Seas

Blippar: Maybelline ColorShow App.

Now try on every ColorShow shade, virtually!

How to Experience the App

  1. 1Download the free Blippar app from the app store for iPhone or Android. Fill the camera’s view with the ColorShow ad.
  2. 2Follow the steps to virtually try on all 40 shades.