Porcelain Party!

Runway Hot Shades. Show stopping shine.

Our Fashion Fix?

  1. 1Porcelains don't have to be delicate -make this shade fierce and street ready by pairing it with black skinnies and chunky wedges.
  2. 2Crop tops are coming back big time, and you don't have to take scissors to your shirt to rock the look. Instead, simply roll up and knot the bottom of an oversized chambray top.
  3. 3White out! Look for sunnies and accessories in ivory tones. Bonus points if they come with a pop of gold.
  4. 4This season's must-cop cover-up is the blazer. Pair a white-hot one with just about everything.
Porcelain Party

Blippar: Maybelline ColorShow App.

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How to Experience the App

  1. 1Download the free Blippar app from the app store for iPhone or Android. Fill the camera’s view with the ColorShow ad.
  2. 2Follow the steps to virtually try on all 40 shades.